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tated by such substances as trichloracetic acid sulpho
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Dr. Copland brings Professional Intercourse with Homoe
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few weeks ago when he began to cough and expectorate a
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Hospital with tetanus. Three days before admission the first
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reduction of uterine neuralgic pains and supersensibUity
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welfare of all the parties with whom he is brought into
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On Saturday April 20 1861 the same patient being in the
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operation has been frequently performed and both from my
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tionate payment which they are only too glad to make. Every
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had publicly expressed dissatisfaction at their former
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The most conspicuous feature is a marked decrease of
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wide usefulness for quantitative estimations. Their
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when they found an eloquent and pathetic defender in the
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only improve our ventilation increase our water supply
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that Act No person can hold an appointment as Physician
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a very abrupt deterioration at the end of about six months.
zofran 4 mg q6h
suft ered from necrosis of the lower end of tibia this had



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