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title ai oused resentment as epigrams sometimes will
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Temporarv Major temporary Colonel Charles Hewitt Miller
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jecting of the milk to a temperatuie of 60 C. for forty
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which took place at Fareham ou June 5th was largely
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Leonardo da Vinci Quaderni d Anutomica was reviewed in
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under high pressure are due to air embolism or gaseous embolism of the
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the profession s enormous potentialities for good. The
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ble gift from Mr. William H. Barnes now of Philadelphia
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sufficing to make bits of the thrombus spread out into thin layers. In
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the Council resolved that the Gold Medal of the Associa
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disease was constantly present in an endemic form and
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way eacli one acting as a control on the others. It is
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bronchitis a few days later but this cleared up after a week on
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intestinal wall the denser part of the organizing exudate stretched across the
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must comprise a large hospital. Such an institute should
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subscribers other subscriptions received this week wiU
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stituents not to aecept terms which the events oE the uext
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supposed that an embolus large enough to occlude the lower end of the
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interested tliemselves in medical matters. The Committee
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Travers Humphreys and as there was no complainanttho
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as good as ever again. Most of our military medical work
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custom in such cases to leave the sac in tlie thigh birt this
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mechanical oedemas referable to passive hyperaemia or to that other group
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then companies then coalesce into masses and armies. It
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continue at Is. and I am to inquire whether the President
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tions of medical service in the East African Protectorates are
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situations. Or there may be no demonstrable atrium of infection as in many
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of malaria and at once directed his attention to the much discussed question
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DawHon gave a urther nioie detailed account of this
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had also set up a Committee for the same purpose. A joint
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that the blood corpuscles cannot be pushed through them as rapidly as they
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