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pation cannot be disputed statistics are quoted from
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subject. The problems presented by this procedure cannot
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tomiasis and lepros. He then described the composite
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all the larger bones of both upper and lower extremities
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one to stimulate him to keen emulation v still no
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descendants only in part emancipated themselves from the
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great regret for the acts of which he had been found
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admission there was no pyrexia he was dull mentally listless
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ince Commissioners would disappear and the Ministry would
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legislation was required should bo so framed as not to
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with the Ministry of Pensions. A reply dated February 5th
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tinctnre of iodine in the upper quadrant a long needle pre
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Thk next Meeting of Council will be held on Wednesday
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that a suitable tablet commemorating the setvices of the
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clinical points especially the difference in location but in Brooke s type of
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to the support of the Association which a majority of
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sentative Body 1913 20 was sent by the Council to all the
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half of the gladiolus is covered posteriorly by a large irregular adherent
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in this connection the following points are put forward
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rid of but tlicrc would bo room for those who can pay
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we may hope for ever from the fetters of superstition and
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M. 25. It did not represent their views though neither
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in all factories where a number of women were employed.
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was pointed out in my article that given the requisite disproportion between
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but there is every reason to encourage officers of tbe
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look that experimenter in tho face and ask him what right
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