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pyrexia. Abdominal discomfort was usually present in the

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months of February March and April 1917 whilst attenJiug

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I.oard which appear to His Majesty not to relate to matters

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ward these iJarticulars to the Medical Secretary as soon as

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achieved at every stage upon tho lines ot communication

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impenetrable to particulate matter the filtrate is free from infectious

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difliculty of dealing with such a large number of persons

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good and sleep sound. The leg pains were severe next day

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typewritten document and he had never had a typewriter

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on a dog and that no other animal was available for such

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obtained. Whether or no this particidar course is necessary

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Apparently when no other cause could bo demonstrated

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Pliysicia ns of London a member of the standing com

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Section 14 the scale adopted by the Annual Representative

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as the repository of the impressions of past experiences

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After the infarction is complete the muscular walls of the intestine

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remain unaffected by it. The experiments were frequently repeated always

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In the great majority of cases this lapse from insurance

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arguments advanced by John K. Mitchell in his work On the Cryptogamous

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on food requirements of the Royal Society s Committee

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The commonest starting point for the thrombus was the lowest part of

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has a foundation upon which the unity of our profession

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persons in practice should be placed on a special roll

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the tiual injection. Diarrhoea did not occur nor was blood and



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