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jiorary Captains ou acciuut of ill health and retain the rank of
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tunity afforded by the cessation of nearly all physiological
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that in the laboratory these results can be and have been
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the basis of education of ophthalmologists co operation
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member of a commission appointed in 1906. He cited from
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the mechanical adjustments were ou tho centre mirror
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Surgeon to St. Mary s Hospital was elected president for
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A KNOWLEDGE of tlie disposition of nerve bundles in the
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the source of the current while the new view regards the
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much reliance upon the indications afforded by Weyrich s hygrometer which
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Fedarb to the rcmoji. Surgeon Lieutenants temporary. Edgar
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mitted to the grinding process. This bears on the impor
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It was thought that cases of trench fever with small evening
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interest. Professor Allbutt in his article on Clilorosis Allbutt s Sys
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examined and instructions are given as to attendance for
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Home Divisions and Branches in November. As intimated
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columns of compacted red blood corpuscles with intervening clear spaces
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a well recognised complication of pneumonia. Mention has already been
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palmaris longus not always present is utilized or a
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mittee organized a number of researches of particular
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particular heliotherapy were insufficient or ineffectual
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Here Welch made the acquaintance of Hans Buchner and also of Escherich
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if not the union could be sued and mulcted in damages.
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Mer arate Bill to deal with the peculiar position of lublic



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