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of the medicinal respirator upon the tissue of the lungs. In

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scope tube a good plan is as follows Ascertain by trial

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it often leads to permanent deformity but it is very rarely

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Recovery. Case 14. The Gloucester General Infirmary

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after certain operations on the fourth ventricle to an excitation

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Bischoif Kolliker and the majority of embryologists the

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than fsVot probably because it is constantlytendingtoitsown

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complete and the function fully and regu arly established.

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which the students and some practitioners took these

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of heat could be produced in this way. The same process goes

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increasing incapacity of the gland. This disorder can scarcely

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place during the cool dry season of the north east monsoon

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ritis but on close examination it had turned out that no

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days pre ously. It was a little girl i years old previously

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of the stomach was redder than usual and large veins seen

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requisitions and agreed to come forward. The friends of the

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this in Hospital Practice. Absolute immobility in a suitable

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from tuberculosis and dysenteria increased in weight and

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which the Commune of Paris had caused to be seized in

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much dependence on them in the treatment of this disease. Since

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Acidity is increased after administration of certain

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tremely tenacious so that the vessel in which it is con

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no alteration that had not been opposed by senior Fellows

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stances which enable the body to combat the infecting

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exterior surface of the body with the exception of the face.

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globules however cannot be formed in so short a time and

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turned to proper account wotild with certainty relieve



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