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so many complications and disturbing clauses as to render

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for the opinions of our Correspondents. A Medical Journal is not the

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women that his ward became at last almost constantly

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A WORK that will be useful to the agriculturist as well as to

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diturbed or being lifted out of bed. Her pupils were un

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The patient an old soldier was fifty years of age and had

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angulai above the knee for old strumous disease of tlic knee

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the morning with.scanty expectoration pulse 120. The

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speak but he soon recovered the use of the right side although

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The capsule is not digested by the stomach fluid but

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of concentrating the sputum and of digesting any micro

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Small numbers are common following ether anesthesia

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of which we not long ago expressed regret. It is here before

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to decide upon sanitary conditions and especially upon

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advocate the direct representation of the Profession in

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conversazione given by the President and Fellows of the lloyal

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cases of difficult labour from distortion of the pelvis. If lie

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ment offices. Tilien the well meaning Emperor Joseph

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in any other and partly because they present points of

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members whom they most desired to see at the meetings of

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languidly fetching a deep sigh almost every second or thud



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