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able to comply with these requirements the results were as a

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acceptance so far as that was found to be possible. The

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was obtained from the intravenous injection of 0.3 gram

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on misapprehension. It was to be anticipated that the

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unchanged when the sections are treated with concentrated sulphuric acid

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stated that during tlif past four years lliere was evidence

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abled for if we put sight in one scale we cannot fill tbe

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The recent paper by Davies and Harrell of the Urological

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reminded the House of the recommendation of the Select

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as a stimulant improving the anaesthesia and diminishing

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founded iu London on June 25th with tho Duke of Bedford

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several bequests under the Wills of friends of the hospital

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bodies 3 full grown or adult bodies 4 presegmenting bodies 5 seg

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to say that in many of them there were ofticersof the Indiau

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siew s direction and published his article in 1876. He repeated Cohn

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calling to amalgamate. It does hot pay to have several

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notes of a vai iety of nervous ami mental disoasoa with

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which was held in tlio Physics Examination Hall of tho

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furrows can be seen each corresponding to the course of the artery which

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Home Offlce Informed the committee that there had been

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stream. After the experiment had continued for two hours nearly all the

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The jaundice usually appears on the fourth or fifth day but

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be responsible for medical and surgical supplies look after



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