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severe than is required to meet the ordinary channels of infection with rabies

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obtained have remarkable biological properties they can

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Persia along the road constructed over this difficult

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treatment of venereal disease except on the prescription of

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This welled up from the extreme depths of the fossa from a

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growth cells whose proliferating power is suspended under physiological

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H. Greenwood afterwards moved several drafting amend

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of the Branch. Dr. Howell the President occupied the cliair

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upon either extension or further flexion. There was no

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and others. In 1889 he saw in America a man who had

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enable the observer to predict the approaching paroxysm. The spores which

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class of stagnation thrombi cannot be maintained in the strict sense origin

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described in detail somewhat later. The semester closed and the usual

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infarction need not necessarily enter from the collaterals and it sheds

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cocci streptococci 4 cases. Iu one case a triple in

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brane are classed are motile and as cells endowed with movement they are

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and should prove of value to those who jiossess a previous

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Granted temporary cojumissioos As Captains Captain J. S.

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titioner and requires the supervising authority in such

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parasite have been found enclosed in cells chiefly leucocytes splenic or

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ing arteries and capillaries be prevented the veins remaining open the

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Hon. Secretaries are invited to give notice of matters they

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Sir With reference to the letter of Dr. Hugh Tlmrs

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pictures are chosen from woll kuown textbooks of anatouiy.

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Captain D. fionghlin relinquishes his commission on account of ill

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Astor M.P. chairman of the Joint Committee of the Insur

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necroses of the brain and spinal cord. Necrosis of peripheral parts as

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Thrombosis of left external jugular vein and branches and of subclavian vein.

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be used as a defensive measure against a Coutineutal power

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income of 100 per annum or under as a rule receives

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comiug to an end while the IManistry of Health is not yet

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a rise of temperature and slight malaise without definite

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new knowledge was spread clinical interest was main

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edge of the window uf the compartment and his bead resting on

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light as measured by the usual tests of visual acuity and

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Government and medical representatives partly supplied

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representatives of the Branch on the entral Council. 3 Altera

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cerning the nature of fever have controlled measures employed in its treat

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ment and maintenance of the hospitals by the medical

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would be strange if it were otherwise. Among the im

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adopted wliereby more jn ompt and active steps can bo

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Health for Scotland and resolved to co operate w ith the

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encephalitis in the army in France. In these five diseaso.i

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preparation and will be forwarded to the Departmental

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the crusts the stench was very bad. He waa taking food

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considered the enormous importance of the consultant s

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Arbuthuot the friend of Pope Switt and Warburton and the

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gone over by the Ladies Advisory Committee as well as the

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Bepresentative Body Dr. Brodio Craiekshonk. Be uty Ilcprcscnia

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even for temperatures of 107 F. 41.7 C the normal limits of variation

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regularity expressed by Golgi s law and especially in the aestivo autumnaJ



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