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school children at cottage hospitals should be 30s. with an

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at his elbow a book of easy reference which will quickly

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Division in accordance with theseRules and subject to such

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parasite is a single species with pleomorphic characters the other believing

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Medical Schooli together with the external examiner.

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cribed for quartan infection is more common than with a single group

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tribution of a mileage fund. In paragraph 12 the word

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general trend of thought of surgeons working in France.

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and sodium carbonate i drachm doses of each in solution

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The appointment of certifying factory surgeon at Maryborough

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venosen Stauung Storung des Abflusses des Blutes aus den Pulmonalvenen

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amount of remuneration is to ho loft entirely on one side

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biotic changes of the red corpuscles in influenza almost immediately after

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The capital error lies in the system of capitation pay

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marked. No definite cause could at first be detected there had

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this is the case the patient is very apt to develop an undue

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as many cases which ought to be operated on and are not

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Health should make enquiries as to the circumstances of still

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matous or fatty degeneration of the heart liver and kidneys and Walther

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catarrlial jaundice of Mesopotamia the disease was not

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Tt is with great pleasure that I am able to omit one item

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deed sudden death is less common in uncomplicated mitral stenosis than in

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that interesting period. He was a noted raconteur and

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wenn man die Crista an dem oberen Theile des Sternums abschneidet und

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it doe. under repeated attacks of fever. After the week s

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gnosis has been verified by bacteriological examination

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shows a happy facility that many might envy coupled

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intimate relation of these alterations to malaria was not established until

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nered discreet and of good repute wise in judgement

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ability those of the intestine being probably the most permeable. It may

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circulation or upon sections of hardened specimens. As has been suggested

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ment of Victoria Park Hospital London E. and went to

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