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tion finally secured admirable as it is in many respects and perhaps adequate
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Dr. Dhever in introducing the deputation said lliat the
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an advertisement should have been allowed to appear in
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as late as the winter of 1917 this attitude received official
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suffer as temperance work had done from iuterneciuo
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apart from remnneration including the duties of pracliliouers
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arterial thrombosis and the effects of passive congestion from venous throm
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Your Committee further recommend the following legislative
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be dealt with by an agreement between the Education
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in Theobald Smith s work and the latter to contribute to that comprehensive
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committee was so epliemeral that I can as a mere spectator
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Question 3 was answered in the afTirmativc. Owing to
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to be made in big towns in laboratories attached to
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have acted in contravention of any Rule or Resolution of the
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tertian parasite originally described by Golgi but as it has since been found
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tuitteo nolilled in the Journal of March 29th Ijj. 383 that it
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The list of provisional Home Constituenccs in tlie Roprc
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and metal vacuum flasks in the other and the Hydrogen
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the circle of representative Georgians who shared the
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results upon this point tend to the same conclusion. Functional activity
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upon the teaching of textbooks regarding tlie morbid
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the right heart double hydrotliorax pulmonary infarcts. Thrombosis of left
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until further work has been done in some other diseases
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faim for the use of medical officers of health and inspectors at
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natives is somewhat discounted. Although so greatly
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for six weeks after being wounded. By the end of.lune 1917
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he could speak although with a stammer and conid walk
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adaptations have their foundation in physiological processes or mechanisms.
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snake venom under certain conditions is referred by Halliburton to pro
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have served think that this might be met iu two or three
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to receive it on the earliest date after Easter. If the
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Queen Mary Nursing Home questions arising from the ter
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