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Hyaline Thrombi. These are of more interest and importance than the

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tlie Insurance Acts Committee as their central negotiating

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in Constituencies for election of Representatives 1919 20 in the

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wounds of the limbs requiring amputation and the with

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election of the Council 1919 20 shall be the same as for

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forbids an employer to allow a woman to be employed

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ventricles and left auricle hypertrophied muscle pale mitral orifice

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zu betrachten entbehrt jedenfalls der experimentellen und der klinischen

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received it on February 25th. If the result is as I think

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The same results were obtained by ligation of the superior and inferior

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every two or three hours also by rectum 3 drachms of

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loth the following oSicsrs were elected for the year 1919 20

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lor release by the service departments concerned. The

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led physiologists to conclude that most of the animal heat is produced in

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Council is a matter for the Representative Body. The Council

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Courses for the Primary Fellowship Examination of the Royal

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of Gabriel Bougliton 1638 had been inestimable. Througli

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Honorary Secretary and the necessary organizatiou au

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At the post mortem examination the heart was only moderately enlarged

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there must be study leave to visit on favourable terms the

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taate in her mouth. The tongue was dry and coated. Tin

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thrombus. The majority of plugs in the trunk or main divisions of the

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medicine from Hippocrates and Galen to the present century so character

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monary capillaries so that death results from pulmonary embolism. The



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