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did not spare the young children. The neouatal mortality
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from Dr. H. Handford medical officer of health for the county
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been produced in the agglutinating titre of the serum so
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consielerable number of Territorial medical officers wore
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We re practitioners of standing wide experienced G.P.s
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commence after a varying interval of a lew days to several
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bilateral plugging of the vessels supplying this organ.
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and psychoses has been most successful during the war
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well to consider the share taken by each in the formation of thrombi.
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There was no evidence that while the misdemeanours at
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step There was no other way the Act had been jjassed. Hub
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Post Office prosecuted for the transmission of indecent matter
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easy matter but the difficulty has been solved in some of
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only say that while we have given up all hope of a practical
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carcinoma. A distinction should be drawn between a the
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occasional occurrence of pulmonary infarction without obstruction in the
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structure possibly by the presence of lime salts. An adherent plug
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Certain animal parasites as Filaria sanguinis Bilharzia hcematohia
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The number of births notified in Edinburgh during April
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nation of sliopkeepcrs saturated with snobbery whose god
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died at Liearaington on April 2lst aged 85. He took the
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entered upon independent practice. In 1906 he attended
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On the commencement of the Insurance Act in 1913 I arranged
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causes of this affection. To save repetition I may add
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culosis of the larynx lead me to the following conclusions
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As it is manifestly impossible within the limits of a general address to
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funeral on June 14tli a fact which bore testimony to.the
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there was practically no rainfall during the year and
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aud she is now ready for discharge the urine being free
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of enteric fever and influenza. The associations and localisation of these



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