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instances the patients while wall lt ing have been seized with excruciating

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to purchase from the Disposal Board cars and lorries not

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advantage. Thus ho necessarily takes a prime interest iu

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D.Vbernon in conclusion said that he had always been

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either to ascertain their views or to enlist their support.

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care must be exercised to avoid injury to the delicate

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fats applicable to pharmaceutical uses being once more

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manubrium the marrow spaces much dilated near the soft area are filled

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population who are with difficulty supervised as regards

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struction and with relative insufficiency of the tricuspid valve suffered from

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Special names have been applied to certain types or manifestations of

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may be absent in very advanced decomposition and that in general the most

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Edinburgh Br. nch. The annual meeting of the Edinburgh

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of a moral if not a legal contract. In conclusion let inc

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Diu ham was held at the Uoval Victoria Inlirmary Newcastle

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not be limited to his many pupils first in tweeds an lt l

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Insurance practitioners for an increased capitation payment.

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In physiological adaptations such as those which have been mentioned

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allow and would apparently have any number of inspectors at

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densed and abbreviated. This requires that the student

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composition of rain water to preclude its use for drinking

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olic that is its stimulation causes disintegration of the muscle materials

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histology and pathology is to be established in connection with the college

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his imagination was powerfully stirred by the intellectual ferment of the

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service. Temporary Captains and retain the rank of Captain

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was bringing a third man up. when a smaller explosion occurred

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dition is either typhoid fever or one of the paratyphoid

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tinal wall is often associated with ulcers and other morbid conditions in



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