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indirectly to the collapsed lung. He has now been discharged

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Cohnheim shone ever brighter and brighter. The particular problem which

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Association. It is a sort of shibboleth with this section. to

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been successful in rabies. Captain Wilson succeeded in

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in all public places to wear a mask covering completely

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Medical Corps who gave their Uvea iu tlie service of tlieic

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Surgeon Commauder on Emergency List Surgeon Lieutenant Com

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In general the more highly differentiated and specialized a cell the less

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Another post operative treatment which occasionally

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in itself very finely divided the mercury resulting will be

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considered the enormous importance of the consultant s

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arsenic eatiug population. There is no evidence that the

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ulcers but also of their inherent tendency to recur so long

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mal in arrangement. The soft part of the tumor replacing bone merges

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mitral valve in 21 in the exceptional case there was aortic insufficiency

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and this fact may have some reference to tlie varying

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or certification has been concerned as hospital cases

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Paludism or Paludal fever Swamp or Marsh fever Miasmatic fever



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