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with the special nutritive character necessary for dietetic

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affectionate wishes for your happiness and prosperity on

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It is most encouraging that the results of the treatment have improved

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delicate changes in the nerve cells which readily disappear after stopping

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once more palpable and breathing starts again. Dr. Levy

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forwarded to the Local Medical War Committees together

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The veins showed irregular and eccentric accumulations of

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arrangement under which the East London College undertook

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was taken with the same thermometer that I use for all

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had an almost uncanny knowledge of the ills and needs of

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The blood produced no untoward symptoms or rash and was

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for all under Government control with paid staffs. I com

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drance to medical progress was a tendency to regard tho

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agamst plague malaria and cholera and the systematic

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Mr. Adams thought that if vermiform appendices were

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blood which are undoubtedly degenerative forms of the parasite and others

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putting these recommendations into effect they were able

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eatablishnieut with every convenience for bathing and

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nal wall existing as in the specimen already described.

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tection in which is apparently not confined to trade unions

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changes in the endothelium between the slow circulation and the beginning

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desirable. It is difficult to give any precise smear figure

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collateral circulation generally presupposes vessels with fairly nonnal walls

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Often enough the affection in particular tuberculosis of

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to maiutain the restrictions placed upon the sale of intoxicating

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The North Wcstern Tuberculosis Society which is open

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The deputation jilaced before Mr. Fisher its strong objection

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the red blood corpuscles cannot fully overcome the resistance in the veins

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With the curriculum as indicated it is obvious that no opportunity existed



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