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the other is weak in all these essentials. The first will
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however contains nests of cancer cells. In this case the involvement was
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damage known to be inflicted by adhesive contact with abnormal surfaces
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obtain treatment and that failure to do so is a breach of
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value of supijorting the arm in a suitably arranged sling.
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vessels. The venous outflow is diminished immediately or shortly after
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if applied at all it should be with only minimal compression. After the
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informed that the current cannot be supplied direct and that
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found to correspond with the registrational numbers
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DuRiNfi a period of ten weeks September 20th 1918 to
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The Effusion of Chyle and of Chyle Like Milky Fatty and Oily Fluids
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Captain and Medical Officer 6th VohiDtccr Battalion. Gloucestershire
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of rheumatism nthout definite articular symptoms. Patient has suffered
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required division o the steruo mastoid is never necessary.
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Captain C V. Milner Decembftr 20th. 1918 temporary Lieutenants
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brachial uenritis as just described. No anaesthesia and no
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attempt to interfere with routine administration. In
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i and Divisions can obtain copies of the appro niatc nomi
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dangerous to keep her under. With a cleft palate needle three
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be sure of curing his patient but he can be sure of
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Association did not possess and never could possess.
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The author who certainly writes with enthusiasm fore
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the body and the regulating mechanism by which the varying heat produc
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they present only a sluggish movement in comparison with the active motion
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profession concerning changes which may be expected to
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in advancing. This teaches a very practical lesson in
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operations were performed so that it was no exaggeration
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the brain anil spinal cord from an infected monkey showed no
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in the hospital. The immediate vasomotor reactions re
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exacerbation of symptoms or increase of jaundice. J lie
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evidence of respiratory trouble during life in monkeys and
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Research Committee wlieu lie went to Egypt in 1915.
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on the dog King removed a tumour from that man s brain
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tion of such thrombi are slowing of the circulation or other irregularities



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