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favor the view that the usual mode of transmission is along the nerves.

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Sujip rmrni of March 15th 1919 of the whole action of the

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transformation of the distance receptors of the hind brain

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highcMt standard of eHicioucy will remain unattainable.

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Avidely accepted belief that water and products of incomplete oxidation are

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frequently. One speaker related that when he was studying at

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Haemorrhage after Dilatation of the Cervix treated by Blood

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appearances described by Langhans as proliferation of the capillary endo

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experiments CertiQcates A and B were given for opera

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With that felicity for epigrammatic phrase which is so

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rank f Lieutenant Colonel on ceasing to command o field ambulance

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considered. In the meantime it is most important that

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addendum of the British Pharnutcopneia 1898 contains a

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demobilization on any grounds other than those disclosed iu

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gasping for breath and foaming at tho mouth or he clutched

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in character and as a consequence of these two conditions

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trine of organic evolution helps us I believe in the study of pathological

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where possible tho Division and Braneli meetings. TlieCouucil

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he impossible to produce febrile elevation of temperature by the injection of

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societies and other organizations may meet under one

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that of captain or major were holding the temporary

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apparatus to assist in the restoration of supination and

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fessional Committee. Complete and accm ate replies are

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III. Grassi and Feletti 1890 regard the crescent producing forms as

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is fixed by means of a double figure of eight bandage.

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as possessing special qualificatious for such and from

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brought to him he was unable to micturate and a paroxysm was

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impaction and at the site of lodgment of the embolus. The general principles

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the parasite as the specific cause of this disease.



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