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salt solution and placed beneath the stage of the microscope in order to

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prevention as in Sheppey the cases in 1918 number 45 as

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integrative processes but also by the persistence in the form of heat of

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together and both benefited from the experiments on the

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the lungs and the symptoms. Thrombosis of the main trunk or primary

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with pay and allowances of rank substituted for Gazette uotificiLtion

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occasion Pte. M. was found to be soundly asleep at the

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demonstrable readily in fresh undegenerated cysts. As it depends upon the

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any of the above methods the uselessness of the baud

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remarkable structures which occupy an entirely exceptional position not only

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weeks of subscribers to tlic Fund for presenting Sir

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The tertian and quartan parasites were found to be less resistant than the

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of sanatorium treatment The surgical and dental treat

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address. The President invites all members to tea at the

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rio sclerosis. There were a few small nodules of calcification but most of

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ship figures contained in the Annual List of Members 1919

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taken away all overhanging walls removed by forceps



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