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either as a direct result of this or of post anaesthetic lung
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and Schimmelbusch. We employed an electric light submerged in the
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matters of policy and adequate support should not be
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titioner ami thereafter to reconsider also the general
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found the highest percentages amounting to 36.6 per cent in the increase
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To be acting Colonels whilst specially employed Lieut. Colonel
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schools examination of the Board of Education plus two
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infected and it was certainh not done by the projectile. It is
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The appearances described establish the diagnosis of sarcoma. The possi
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time to develop due to beer contaminated with arsenic
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tliat the responsible oi ganism is a filter passer.
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Bouchut places the ratio of thromboses of the upper extremity to those of
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on the English voluntary hospital plan but is larger
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taken of the opportunities incidentally provided by
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Elliott chaffed Sir John Butcher upon finding himself in
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surprise me a little. Sydenham and Sir Thomas Watson had
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meet the peculiar medical and economic conditions of this
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hospital and intimately associated with our work since 1866.
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for increase of remuneration except in so far as it might
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alterations and it would have remained for us whole
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consisted of extravasated blood forminti infarcts others
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diBDcusinK lor insured persons sliould be entitled to narticipate in
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healed iu or within four weeks 4 in or within six weeks
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writings bear and which do not beat the Hippocratic
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the action taken by the Division in interviewing parliamentary
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the natural interpretation of these experiments is in favor of the view that



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