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Explorations and Adventures iu Equatorial yrica. By Paul B. Du

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solution of dimethylparaphenylendiamin less than three

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would improve the man s vision were it thought advisable to

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experiments establishes on a firm basis the important fact

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he has fairly entered upon it. Carefully reporting their effects

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poisoning from ingestion and in detecting absorption

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Eosinophiles and mast cells are rare. In thin smears

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cerebral structure attended generally with sanguineous extravasation as a secondary

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paper etc. and it may be used for the application of ice for

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with in practice were he believed of this kind and clearing

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colour and it may be demonstrated that the outer layer of

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applied to the pelvis or limbs punctually every month

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George s Hospital on accoimt of a bronchocele of moderate

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glands is absent in patients who to all appearance are

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and also indicate the fourth column. In the writer s opin

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is e.xcited and perspiration increased. They have only a

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sputum or other. material which should be as fresh as possible.

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dark color of the feces after administration of bismuth

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this insures rapid and uniform heating to incubator

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repetition of the hydrocyanic acid draught. The brandy to

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Infirmary. A boy aged 11 pale thin and strumous. He

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combined hydrochloric acid. Other tests are applied

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By the term Accommodation is meant that power resident

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quite inadequate to the importance of the duty performed

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it was the first pregnancy and it was the end of the ninth



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