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Royal College of Physicians. Smollett s writings owed

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made in the past has been onr reluctance to take an

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one which I have met in American literature deserve especial mention.

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applied to ordinary strangulated cases with comments on

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liquor for the reasons given in his letter published in the

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should be excused the test of Greek. The opponents of

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same and shall take effect subject to any raodilications and

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to the same cells. This problem of the leucotoxicity of

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Honorary Secretary aud the necessary organization an

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Captain B. R. Chambers relinquishes his commission on account of

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aud leave it to other bodies who had proved no capacity for

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held the first on June 13th in Essex Hall for Middlesex

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Thrombosis of Veins of the Extremities. Clinically the most familiar

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The following points will be added or subtracted in

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at large. On the subject of medical referees four recom

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artery. He laid especial emphasis upon changes in the vascular wall as the

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obtained. Should one hesitate at using a boue flake longer

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of themselves but refuse to take in hand desperate cases.

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perature fell to 103 and there was improvement but the

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distinguished from the youngest tertian parasites but as they begin to

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study by means of sections and teased macerated speci

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Ihe views and desires of the profession. But it will not

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relax nothing and still more add nothing. At all times

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transported as course emboli producing all of the mechanical effects which

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more than 7 000 000 per.sons in the United States are in



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