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the sensation complained of was due to some cerebro spinal

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of the reaction comuionly called by that name. Perhaps

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As a result of careful consideration of the whole matter the

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thrombosis of the trunk of the superior mesenteric arter reported by

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ment he has suffered from epileptic fits since the age of twelve

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urticaria and. swelling at its worst. After that it rapidly

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ing being most marked around the ankle. Superficial temperature of

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Ausschwitzungkommt. So lange ein Ast zweiter Ordnung offen

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the pyrexia so that iu these cases of jaundice with a short

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continued in the present day has brought us two letters from

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but very serious error. Their intentions were doubtless

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State made a selection of a few diseases for the treatment

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size that will come next year but certain figures are

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drawing far reaching conclusions from these experiments. There are dis

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monograph by Laveran on the parasitic nature of malaria.

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the blood as I have stated last October. It is obvious

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thrombosis than until recent years has been customary since Virchow s fun

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Conferences with the Insurance Commissioners it was resolved

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during which he had occasional paroxysmal attacks of dyspnoea lasting for

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Universit and pathologist to the Hospital. The great opportunity for which

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werden wie in Versuch i zugebunden. Wie aus diesem Versuch ersichtlich

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ciation the A.ssociation of Poor Law Medical Officers and tli

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there was do violence exhibited. The patient was rational

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vices of the a.ssistants and lecturers who were giving

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and there drawn npon his medical knowledge for incidents

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for this operation were conducted some time ago and

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profession that the complaint should be investigated locally



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