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thymus was found and some enlarged abdominal glands
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as to the causation of immunity in other diseases. Pasteur is inclined to
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fever. In the third place these pyrogenic substances may be produced again
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regards tho whole ot the calendar year 1919 irrespective of
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the pupil. Tho instrument is held by a loose handle upon
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less than 10s. Id. As there was no evidence of general
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divisions of medical schuols in the Dominions and the
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attributed infarcts in the kidney and the liver to thrombi formed around
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number of individuals in the four categories differed widely
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tlie examination of very thin sections it was found that almost everywhere
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sion throughout the country it is suggested that the reports
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zoology etc. All such books issued will be latest editions
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common character of the species. When however we learn that the dis



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