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improvement and even complete restoration of vision but the prognosis as
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that advaufcaf o might be taken of the peculiar physical
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larly the higher content of CO and perhaps the functions of the capillaries
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Iu the discussion which followed at Bury the Vice President
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firm and tlieca distended witli fluid up to mid dorsal region.
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The organs of the body showed evidences of chronic venous congestion
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their later stages. It is undoubtedly upon this point that our knowledge is
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what is wanted and yet we have avoided politics and
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the other was the setting up of a whole time medical service
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Pari ionlars as to the date and hour of the Contereneo will be
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The amendment limiting the use of the term dentist
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disease and the physician is the servant or minister
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dealing with the condition. Broca s method is to remove
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poisoning which have been caused by eating certain kinds of meat sausage
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against the use of dogs it was essential for the progress of
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I The brevet rank conferred on Colonel King marks the
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Medical Officers at Batoum. Mr. Forster replying to Sir
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encephalitis by inoculating subcultures of the isolated
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with reference to hours of work pav and physical welfare.
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their colouring matter. To this fact is to be added the following noteworthy
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and emergency work. This is essentially a practical book
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being transferred to some other hospital or invalided out of the
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In the bcgiuuiug the convulsions were of the ordinary kind.
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which he was called upon to attend was one which Mas entitled
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treatment of scars in the neighbourhood of which fragments of
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The mechanical explanation which is offered is advanced as an hypothesis
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conclusion of the war having been attained other big
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The causation of remote pain is more comijlex. Three
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There has been an unusual demand for nurses for special
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A REVIEW of the expert medical evidence in the case of the
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senses than smell and of correlating the iuformatiou
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further examination and a fuller diagnosis. There may
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tioDK should flutlietiticate them with their names of courae not



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