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of British Medical Association in Loudon on April 10th. 1919.

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the bony prominences of the skull and should correct the

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been arranged that the meeting should be entirely ot a clinical

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to coat the edges of the lenses with an invisible varnish to

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the wisdom and foresight of those responsible for the

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John Caius remarks that of Caius s works the most contro

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formity the work being carried on throughout the eutire

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ictober 1st 1919. A Scholar may be re appointed for not

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overcome by hypertrophy which in consequence of increase in the sectional

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financial needs of university education in the United

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change is likely to take place. The Society of Medical

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tion and lecturer on mental diseases in the University of

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Tooting. This instrument I have called a tensor whereby

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tophyllum malariae Metchnikoff Haemamoeha malariae Grassi and

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ticular merit claimed for the well known iron pill commonly

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given to the mothers at the creches. Some provision was

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no change of temperature may produce twice or more the quantity of heat

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by production of heat. Leyden was led to adopt this explanation by the

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energ set free by heat producing processes so that their cessation would not

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Medical War Committee it never came into full operation

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Bell s patient involving the scrotum. Tympanites diarrhoea and albumi

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called to its assistance a consultative committee of the

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of anopheline distribution there may be parts of the

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The expcrinicnt. given in Table XIV prove that haemorrhagic infarction

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the iliacs or abdominal aorta but it is more common with arterio sclerosis.

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express its high appreciation of the sympathetic spirit in

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Severe bronchitis ensued in three of the cases this

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diseases is not recorded in these or in most other mortality returns.

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