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were reestablished the sound principles governing scientific

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in order to afford mutual help. The physicians in consul

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so that in our further experiments we have used it exclusively.

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which the crime cannot be judged apart from the personality of

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The Pkesident said that there could be no question as

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own service but W India generally. With roi ard to the

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The main feature iuthese cases and the one common to all

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may be fissured and seamed by hundreds of fine lines but

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section on livnr abscess has also been omitted as it has

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the war. The portrait will be formally presented to Sir

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some years to come there will be work for all. For five

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formed an enduring friendship. Among foreign students was Pawlow and

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If once registered it is to be noted that by Section 2

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although not without occasional exceptions unmistakably less resistant to

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Medical Attendance on Invalided Service Men. Sir Philip

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the Hawkstone Hospital was closed Mr. Franklin served

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rapid development of typical symptoms associated with

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the Chief Secretary for receiving the deputation which

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Portsmouth in 1899 wherein he said there should be some

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improvement and even complete restoration of vision but the prognosis as

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indirectly on the nerve trunks in the posterior triangle of the

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Huntorian Society to bo held at 1 Wimpole Street W. on

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I am prejudiced in favour of the Association and am

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and the question of tlie means by which the Indian.Medical

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clinical assistant to Lord Lister when he was introducing

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tinguishing the varieties of parasite from each other. The corpuscle may be

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cells partly resembling white blood corpuscles but mostly larger and of an

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condition was taken for tuberculosis as the lumen was

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and appear to justify the application of tlie terui specific

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zoology etc. All such books issued will bo latest editions

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the Cremation Society of England deserves a much largei

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long as we are unable to cultivate the malarial parasite artificially and are



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