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portance to the provisions of the Draft Order. They were the
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liesides the ordinary cases which passed through his han lt U.
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the air bubbles circulate with the blood pass through the capillaries and
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tile war. Sir James Craig said that the Minister was not prepared
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resulting from alcoholic abuse. Bollinger and Bauer in Munich were the
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which could not be seen by ordinary visual examination.
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apparent when the fever terminates by crisis with rapid fall of temperature.
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The followiufi notificatioos are anuoimced by tbe Admiralty
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the subject with representatives of the East African and
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result that a number have signed on with other doctors in my
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must be kept in their place and not called upon to settle
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weeks after inoculation. A similar or closely related
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chronic alcoholic poisoning changes of the nerve cells have been found
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tinuing a member of the British Medical Association and
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as an ophthalmic surgeon. In this capacity he acted as
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infected and it was certainh not done by the projectile. It is
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Argutinski. While discussing the nature of the normal glomerular epi
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sentative association of the medical profession also that
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retarded in consequence of the small difference between the arterial and



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