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mobilisation of doctors at the cud of the War by an Intei
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soldiers organizations. The Committee consists of Dr.
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infarction Grawitz s attack especially has stimulated investigation which
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ment and equipment of all the special departments of the
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and lividity of the extremities and by the occurrence of gangrene in the
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we all join our voices must be heard. The sooner we
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assembled to do houonr to the Medical Secretary who is well
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The crescentic and flagellate bodies from their size and remarkable appear
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great deal of peculiar embryonic connective tissue in the growth partly
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tively comfortable people from availing themselves of his
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although they may occur quite independently of this condition.
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eruption was worst. The pyre. ia and the urticania declined
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the left mammary region. Symptoms increased in gravity and death oc
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analogy with the term putrid intoxication applied to the diseases caused by



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