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relative antiscorbutic efficiency of natural foodstuffs

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apparently anaesthesia was induced on the first third

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eine halbe l is eine Stuiule eine betrachtliche Hohe behaupten. Um sicher

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and in tho last four years of warfare the greatest is the

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have been obtained in those new fields of experimental research called by

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in these instances for other evidences of thrombosis.

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iustruction. Therefore id was really in the most vital

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known to those present having practised in the neighbourhood

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an appendix to the annual report ot the Army Medical

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honour of bringing them personally before Mr. Montagu s

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Denmark thi ove and her advisers could show that the

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suggested changes would remove some defects and intro

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the statement maJe in its report for last year tliat it may

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the table beside the couch there are always ready to hand

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purposes be incorporated in it. They must themselves

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the magnificent expanse at Upton Park. Only a glance

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large number of these operations I have never seen a

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when the local conditions are exposed at operation and

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stillbirth should be registered on the certificate of a regis

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such as pneumonia or of traumatism loss of blood emotional shocks or

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age. In spite of legislation there had been practically

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may be explained by the heat produced by oxidation or other cliemical

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tion failed to detect the presence of a foreign body in the

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teurism he had a word to say in favour of the dog itsel.

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years previously followed by empyema for which a rib was resected and

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that may hereafter be adopted by the university as to the

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Mrs. Thaw by Miss Elston who is a good teacher but theory

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for many years in the Oldham Division and during

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pi opagated by intimate personal contact. When intro

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circulation to be carried on through merely capillary communications al

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were few in number. He believed that if the number were

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diseases but his health broke down after an attack of

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irregular in contour. They varied from 2 to 6 mm. in thickness and

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approaching a conclusion. Tlie Insurance Acts Committee

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proneness to use more expensive drugs is coupled with a very



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