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existing appointed members of the Local Government Board

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schmidt concerning air embolism following injections of air into the bladder

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counsel that the legal advantages of a medical trade

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were influenced as is usual in venous thrombosis by other factors so that

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other Oversea medical officers to the British Isles the Council

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leistimg des linken oder des rechten Ventrikels vielmehr vorzugsweise auf

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If now we contrast with these moderate estimates of the mortality follow

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almost intolerable. Other memoranda will have to be

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led to the diagnosis of varicose aneurysm rather than of

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the minimum of beds necessary for insured persons and

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also to savo money tho bodies of stillborn children were

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proven to be efficacious and has saved already hundreds of lives. I call

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of refraction are rather too sketchy to be of real service.

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President of this Congress I interpret this great and unexpected honor as

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is out at the elbows and in need of refitting but we greatly

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ment proposal and held by a large majority that there should

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At a meeting o the Panel Committee on the same day a

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formity with the interesting experiments of Mendelson who found by

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type of disorder is approaching more closely the type of

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of the Local Government Board and the Insurance Com

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lous cardiac thrombi p. 142. Michaelis and Blum have produced vegeta

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A. Those who cannot pay anything for medical services they



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