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that convex glasses render his vision more indistinct but

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Bartholomew s that he fell asleep immediately after quitting

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structed or altered because the date will give a very perfect

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he had never brought up before. The appetite and the action

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Wednesday the 26th inst. the following degrees in Medicine

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Midwifery. In stigmatising this necessary operation in cases of

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from age and experience the Profession had now allied itself

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apparently formed in the angle of this muscle of the left

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oldest and most influential Medical men here opposed the

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iince died. Of seven Englishmen on board six were afi ected

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etc. He did not think cither as Dr. Little appeared to

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contents of which were extravasatcd into the pericardium

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time he had h emoptysis that for five or six months he has

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should be made in the rules or bye laws of the College for

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accommodation. AVith this glass the patient should be able

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to the Physician the enlightened Physician of these days

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proved by post mortem examination. The Author had insisted

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to diminished excretion. Decreased formation of urea

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passing through the ventricular septum. Tlie foramen ovale

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activity of the secretion and in animals which perspire

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for standardization of vaccines see p. 590. It can be

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a certaur extent free i. e. the dyspnica had become thoracic

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to the defendant a few days previously to keep for her. The

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quest with the post mortem details of an extraordinarj

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to the therapeutics of these affections il. Caillault like a

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There are various forms of pneumonia which are capable

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forms of the remedy would be equally efficacious. The bitter

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Comitia Majora held on Monday March 25 the following

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Galen Van Swicten and Ray the Xaturalist were a lt quainted

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nation and therefore every examination should begin

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the gap was plugged with lint. Immediately after the

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diagnosis was established by the appearance of the sore and



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