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Saunders relinquishes his acting rauk on ceasing to he speciallv

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by most subsequent authors. The diagnostic as well as the therapeutic value

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no trace of oedema iu the limb the colour was normal aud the

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disease. This new direction of development was highly sympathetic to

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Committee and to watch carefully the.regress of events.

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desire for an improvement in tlie position of

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Otological Association and member of Council of the

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verdict of death from natural causes but we are not aware

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have served instructions will be given to determine the ap

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to the close co operation of this committee in the work of

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Public Medical Officer with a medical practitiouer in dis

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potent to institute any such prosecution. He quoted from the

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In case the initial cause of the infarction which follows ligature of the

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proper legal steps were accordingly taken to withdraw

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accurately the aspirations of that Service for every point

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the Association the expenses of the Committee will be paid

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planation of this difference. The cells are endowed with innate properties

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rations of mercury is attributed to pulmonary embolism. The symptoms

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sions. Social and political tendencies he said were the



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