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and the ulceration had extended deeply into it at one part.
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paper thus prepared to put on suppuratmg wounds where he
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of world wide zoological researches shadowed themselves
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stricting cause I could not say. From being able to trace
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there were seven Presidents and Councils. Such an idea he
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of Dr. Cooper s experience at San Francisco than is given in
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he might ask more questions in five minutes than the Society
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the Profession of Medicine exists solely to the end of saving
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ing upon their virulence. The method is described on
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primary affection upon which inflammatory processes to
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ance which tended to preserve the health of the people.
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blow there all the year round if there were no disturbing
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disease whatever. The patient maintained he had very good
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near relative and an old patient together with a Homceopathic
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contracted as to appear more like a portion of the lesophagus.
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ascertained by the phenolsulphonephthalein test see
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Alexandria. Their condition was filthy in the extreme and
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Instances of very distressing morbid increase of sensorial power are
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a circumscribed fluctuating prominence limited to the regicm
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hygienic means of such paramoimt importance in the manage
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the two ears respectively even if they be made to reach the
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passage since the accident. No catheter has ever been passed
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four weeks of being put on the treatment above described
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Diluting Fluids. The diluting fluid should dissolve the
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deposit of pigment on different parts of the skin producing
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remember that we ha e repeatedly stated that we aie not answerable
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a brawny feel to the fingers. The pain and swelling occupied



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