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toneal and pleural effusions cerebro spinal fluid and
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dates for election as Members of the Council by Branches
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autumnal hyaline bodies are in general the smallest forms of the malarial
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suitable position and immobilisation of the thrombosed extremity and
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incubatiou period being commonly only twenty four hours.
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The UivisioM is of opinion tlmt tlie rejirosentation of tlio
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Lieut. Colonel McCarrison then put forward a scheme
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products of disintegration of leucocytes consists of more or less altered blood
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tirpation each lobe is dealt with separately the isthmus
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influence its delibeiations and actions but it cannot foice
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man s discovery that he can move his limbs and get about
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cated. In my own experience of the anaesthetics in a
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and the wound cleaned with bipp the tissues were sutured in
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or the direct destruction or neutralization of injurious agents are to be
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them.. t his instigation a Commission on the Medical
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A MEETING convened by the Derby and Derbyshire Panel Com
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bers of streptococci were present. In these areas there was necrosis of
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daily for fourteen days and was light headed at night. He had
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been designed to give a better service aud so prevent the
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Burdon Sanderson s deductions which have naturally had great influence
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testifying to his uprightness during the period they had
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any amendment alteration or repeal of any regulation or



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