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biology the origin of the power of living beings to adjust themselves actively

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in the congested part. To say that the hyperaemia must be functional is

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ot Injured ex soldiers will take place at a meeting of the

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relating to health. The Minister would give a subject to the

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the normal temperature curve. The second yielded definite

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but in 1878 and for many years afterwards the quiz if successful was

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to the first our six years experience has completely

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red and mixed thrombi. Fibrin increases in amount and becomes coarse and

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all submitted to microscopical examination after removal

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done influence the result. Increase in the reserve energy of the heart secured

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i The Council will doubtless desire to make appropriate

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zone received its flow from the first zone and the third from the

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thrombosis of left internal jugular subclavian ancillary and brachial veins.

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quency with an intermediate type with remittent or continued fever. He

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exacerbation of symptoms or increase of jaundice. J lie

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recovered slowly. Be this as it may the clinical fact

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India of the need for increased activity in research and as

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might be mistaken for threads of fibrin. A similar appearance of tlueads

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by comparatively small units of men into whose hamls

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and laid open all sequestra and foreign bodies should be

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Of the pain which follows arterial embolism there are other causes

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of the Association in whicli ho made many friends who

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With regard to the second point raised by Dr. Cox the

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elimination of urea and of carbonic acid and excessive absorption of oxygen.

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open. Thrombi several inches long may be washed out of the femoral or

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The difficulty of making sure that a suspected thrombotic embolus in

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in the following years as the professional schools are able

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official to watch these things and take proceedings and it would

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organs and soft structures as well as specimens of discaso

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duced under difficulties and the authors do well to acknow

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that in all chronic cases any indication of phagocytosis

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business brought before his Division and would consider it

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the waters. The whole aim of antilarval measures has been so

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schools other educational institutions and possible to

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We have received from Dr. John Hunter of Motherwell a copy



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