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other oxidations therefore the respiratory quotient must vary. It is prob

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natural and normal functions is essential for a proper

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out however that on account of its relative rapidity of

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work setting out the litness of the candidate to conduct

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ture. Temperature 99 pulse 104 respirations 24. Headaches

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Medical Association as reported iu the Sopplemknt of

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granules are generally considered to be degenerative or incapable of repro

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had been reached but since Mr. Montagu took the matter

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Liver. Cirrhosis of the liver although not the most common is the

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sums beyond 50 nor with insurance under the National

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used extensively in France for the treatment of haemor

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Tho above observations seem to show that by submitting

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to the Academic Registrar by August 13th. An additional

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world that about 90 per cent of iu actitioner.s of medicine every



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