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terms. It proposes to promote in all comitrics volun
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parts Marchand. Here also there must be considerable resistance to
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We have in tho earlier review of tlio larger and general
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tion schools. It was also desired to work in harmony with
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annual recurring cost of niaintenauco 40 000 this would
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of preventive medicine a question which was taking the
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The pyrexia produced by puncture of the caudate nucleus in the manner
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observed having little or no effect in distintegrating the masses. In this
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sioners. Next year wdieu a new agreement would have to be
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brought up at this meeting this was seconded by Dr. Evans
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defray the expenses of these medical referees in the employ
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Certainly some swelling and desquamation of this epitlielium are extremely
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policy agreed upon by its members. It is not too late to
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scar tissue is slowly sterilized by the fluids of the body
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force be conclusive for all purposes but by Subsection 2
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of the femoral vein but here also the result is exceptional and attributable
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of promises of annual subscriptions is 443 4s. Od. A state
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It has been ascertained that the certainty of infection with rabies depends
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which is completely filled with a reddish fibrinous firm non adherent
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e.xacfcly double that placed upon ordinary roads the
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must be some idiosyncrasy on the part of the animal. Aronsohn refers this
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readiness with which such a minute perforation of the gastric mucous mem
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of the Liverpool Eoyal Infirmary speaking at a recent



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