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medical practitioners practising in Scotland and elected

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Alcohol in sufficient quantities is a poison to all living organisms both

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and partly because I was able to ascertain that the bite

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subdivisions of the aestivo autumnal variety page 484 et seq..

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of Edinljurgh to fill the vacancy in the representation of

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Jlr. Spittel s clinic of Indian patients. The pictures of

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Italian. It would however be quite unwarrantable from this literary in

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nature of cerebral function in vertebrates other than

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through an open foramen ovale into the aortic system and since then there

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Street recently made presentations to Dr. George R. Pirie

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schemes of professional reorganization that I venture to

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To be Lieutenants and to be temporary Captains but not to reckon

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pital where he did excellent work and published several

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had an intense sensation of cold and therefore forecasted a

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It was in this remarkable atmosphere that Welch spent a precious semester.

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Here Welch made the acquaintance of Hans Buchner and also of Escherich

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varying individual peculiarities and knowledge of the

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beneficial character of the result is dependent upon innate properties whose



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