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On February 27th the cavity was first curetted again and the
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blU to prevent the vivisection of dogs to A bill to impose
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from the previous year except in respect of payment for
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sliould be forwarded to the Ministry with the completed form
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as above provided to co opt as additional Members such
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the urgent demands of the civil i opulation and a certain
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regards swelling and proliferation of the endothelium lining the glomerular
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The literature ot surgery in tropical diseases is not large
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A MEETING of the Society lor the Study of Inebriety will
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tioners who. although over military at e offered their ser
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lung underlying the fluid was sometimes consolidated but
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viscous metamorphosis it is to be emphasized that fresh plate thrombi have a
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in which they were placed in the examination. The doctor
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which tho Ministry should thus be responsible should be
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practitioners did carry out that advice. It is no legs true
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and if the temperature rise higher it has convulsions and coma and dies.
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sufficient. By direction of the Executive Committee after



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