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cation. Kohler and Hanau consider that many thrombi especially those

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facilities as does the traussaccular operation in cases of

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pathogenic bacteria. But excluding the cases of genuine septicaemia there

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onset of symptoms but two or three is more usual. I have

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guinea on tlie understanding that all cases other than

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l riority of release iu order to meet the rcprcscutationa of

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by phagocytes. Extracorpuscular organisms particularly the various de

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elbow being bent at a right angle and the hand pushed

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plains of difficulty in seeing vomited once no facial paralysis.

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possible owing to inclusion of the sinus in an extensive

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and men after they have left the service so far as those

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if only the deatlis after treatment be reckoned the mortality becomes 0.42

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sisters and nurses desiring work. The Committee is pre

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informal plan was superseded by systematic courses in pathology including

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article which will appear shortly in the British Journal of

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officer of health and of all certificates of deaths from

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five years should iu the event of prohibition boing

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article on the subject in 1885. He reported a convincing observation of

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Miliary Aneurism of a Branch of the Gastric Artery 285

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permanent pension. This if we understand its practice

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caae it can liardly bo necessary that the removal of this

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the Peace and iu 1918 he received the honour of knight

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quoted. Whether tlioy also supply a satisfactory answer

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under the Infectious Disease Notification Act or not we are

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ticular parcel of food and to its bacteriological examination.

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direct representatives of the Panel Committees County

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determine a medical policy thereby assisting to the

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