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infection from the injection of considerable quantities of the most intense
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of November 10th 1918. In the new Session of Parliament
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were devoted to the history of our national food policy
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thrombosis of left internal jugular subclavian ancillary and brachial veins.
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there were differences of opinion and concentrate on the
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The study of tuberculin as a means of diagnosis is very
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nuclear leucocytes through chemiotactic influences wander in from the
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and Canada and is an example of that iuterchangeability
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of Lima describes how public charity was dealt with
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ought to be our aim. Professor Syme in his opening. lecture
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bination we could consult and among other things wo
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steps and it is no doubt capable of further regularization
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Committee were to inquire into the treatment and preven
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to make his succession certain. Welch on learning of this action brought
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when originating in the short bones it is less likely to do so.
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somewhat elusive and uncertain but the knowledge of all
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rank of its gratuity was submitted prior to issue for dis
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ceasing to hold a temixnary commission in the A. MS.
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theatres of war immediately it became possible to dispense
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addition there are a number of cinematic illustrations
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emboli of tumour cells have their chief significance. In individual cases it
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cessive salivation and tendency to bronchial irritation.
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to contain so far as I could ascertain the whole of the
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professor of anatomy in the University of Manchester.
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areas and the extent of a man s non insurance practice.
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to join or to obtain the best work from those already in ths
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tory sounds over bases of limgs liver large and tender conjunctivae icteric
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bequests. One is an anouymous gift of 10 000 for tho
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e. amiuation but also for the special examination in November
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Clieshire County Council to which he is medical adviser.
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more opaque and occurred as fine flakes of colour and
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Insurance Acts Committee as now constituted than it
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and i lt granted the rank of Licutonant Colonel Temporary Captains



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