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war 1878 79 he served with the 10th Hussars was present

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with reference to thrombosis but it must be confessed that we cannot at

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signs of movement. Before waking him I reminded him

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munication U 3n the points at issue. The Uepntation took

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aestivo autumnal parasite with especial emphasis on the occurrence of unpig

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maintained for about two weeks after the date of being wounded.

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ing being most marked around the ankle. Superficial temperature of

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voluntary contributors for the sake of medical benefit

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Von Recklinghausen in an admirable chapter upon thrombosis and embol

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stitutional and protective and it gave them the right to

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position of the blood variously defined as lowered specific gravity deficiency

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been found in the blood and organs of those dead of influenza.

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Diseases of Children. Hospital for Sick Children Great

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siege of Sevastopol receiving the medal with three clasps

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sation begins is partly transformed into amorphous and crystalline haema

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invited to communicate with the lionorary secretaries of the Divisions

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two eyes at 100 per cent is manifestly wrong. A man

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The same results were obtained by ligation of the superior and inferior

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living in the water smell is much rnore nearly akin to

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or alcoholic indulgence. The family history however was

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ordered home to complete their terms of imprisonment in

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With Prudden s installation at the College of Physicians and Surgeons

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Their free surface is generally rough. Loose thrombi in the heart are called

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atmospheric pressure are discu.ssed they are of course

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from the round swollen extracorpuscular forms with scattered pigment

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removed the pleural cavity thoroughly dried out and

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namely in borough and larger urban areas Is. 3d. urban rural

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duration but he took food better during the night and

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with the ration parties accidents may and did occur.

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in its Report for 1917 18 jiaras. 115 ij that the member. of

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of numerous descending tracts the hypothalamus exerts a

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The meeting was obviously not in favour of accepting a



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