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That the Counoil should express its approval of the main

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cantharis to be used. Many species of mylabris occur in

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practice it has been suggested that an intimation of his

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spectors who examined the conditions under which the

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tremities or tail spinal symptoms especially paralysis of the posterior ex

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priately applied to the naked eye appearance of the thrombus.

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of their agreement to place themselves at the disposal of tlje

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with representatives of the Royal Colleges and the lioyal

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llalilaue to provide that in the making of any Btaft appoint

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mucous membrane and it may be mentioned in parenthesis

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mate the mental status of the mau it is difficult to underst ind

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two as hasmatoma but in the later reports most have been recognised as

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was paid to scientific considerations uutil the submarine

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clinical and laboratory method and tries to unravel the

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textbooks supports this view. In Ohoyce s Sijstem of

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pressure while giving evidence in the court that he had

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took strong objection to any proposal for the appointment

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shortly be in the hands of every practitioner and ho

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said that the iovernment was most anxious that tbe valuable



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