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the first symptom in the actual development of the disease
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S ecimcns of the British rats and their varieties and
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less than 10s. Id. As there was no evidence of general
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number of variables and a sufficiently prolonged length of
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and a certain vigour of the circulation. When the arteries have lost their
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tiles. The rate of metabolism was determined by the
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light upon the conditions actually concerned in the production of this
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by each. It is contended that the essential agent in
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tion of fibrin. This ptomaine however is not identical with the pyrogenic
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there would he no request for an additional under secretary.
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or to direct the Kegistrar to erase his name from the
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has not yet been devised which would avoid these dis
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psychical activities which constantly increases in impor
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remarked that the necessity of providing fat was the real
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arterial anastomoses. To Beckmann belongs the credit of pointing out
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increase of blood platelets from disintegration of leucocytes. Evidences of
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tions recently passed by the Society of Medical Officers of
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bites of such snakes. Tho primary effect in the causation
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sediments obtained by grinding blood serums and exudates
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from the various ferments employed in these experiments. Certainly no such
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mission at Uburu South Nigeria. A friend serving in the
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The fixation of the flap was effected by 1 interrupted fishing
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pital Herbert Fagge went into partnership at Lutterworth
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been similarly paid towards their 1919 work. The measures
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questions of a more distinctively professional and also of a



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