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from the coloring matter of red blood corpuscles. The monumental work of

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ing natal and prenatal maternity and child welfare nursing

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lliafc the efficient care of the sick was developing along

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perceptible. A simple soap enema followed by a rectal saline

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That every stuilent should be required to attend a course of

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pied the valley when we went there first. During 1917

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In connection with this discussion of the possibility of unusual sources of

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anco is sent direct to the society lor Commisuion by the Admiralty.

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bid processes of the highest interest. Their study has become almost a

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I made by the general and branch registrars. In this con

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chanics of the heart dilatation regularly antedates hypertrophy. This

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experiments on the guinea worm in the Cyclops were con

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between medical progress and pure scientific investigation

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liniself and Dr. J. Tubb Thomas county metucal officer for

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does not justify any positive statement on this point.

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and remained so into the third hour. Then it gradually became quiet and

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The Mission to Lepers maintains forty one ot these in

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Dr. Bigger is a native of Belfast was educated at Queen s

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to Loudon aud some years later returned ou a visit to



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