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the John Stuart Mill scholarship in philosophy. He won

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of his two accidents in a state of liglit hypnosis with

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thrombosis. There is at present no bacteriological basis for the infective

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the physician. Time will not permit me to elaborate further the ideas here

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exit from the wounded vein of blood containing air bubbles. These very

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years and previously at Nelson Lanes and Gillingham

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will always react according to the needs if at 102 the

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treatment was thrown o. i the honorary staffs of voluntary

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stand to urge on Boards of i uardians generally that the salaries

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was confirmed by Dr. Osier. Although suffering some pain the patient was

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the vessels is an important factor is evident from the more rapid occurrence

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and Zooloj y and not ijassed the e.xamination. to enter for the General

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ment the necessity tor the superannuation of medical

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services of the visiting medical stati should continue

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recoverable by insured persons from practitioners 2 to

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the sense of restoration or compensation of damaged structure or function



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