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very fond of telling the public of the failures of the

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faced with the task of finding a sphere within which

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factory and complete explanation of the lowered resistance. It seems

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tenance of the patient therein but a suitable sum to be

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invite your attention this evening. Tlie subject may seem

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tovfards humanity that he could not understand. The

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bo even more. This of course is a trouble which makes itself

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The Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glas

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listening to Dr. J Collins Warren s address upon the healing of arteries

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their colouring matter while the corpuscles in the control specimen are still

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be. They are superseded by any newly joined temporary

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tharidin as such but to investigate certain lesions of the lalpighian bodies.

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ture oscillated between 100 and 103. The spleen was not

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corpuscles in the circulation. The extravasations of blood took place chiefly

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This presence of free haemagglutiuin in the liquor and

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director in chief and the directors of departments would



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