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local flexibility. It is the Committee s view that while the
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pulp most usually associated with dentinal infec
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instances of invasion either before or after death of gas forming bacilli.
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two hours at 56 C. on three successive days. Fresh serum
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Benedikt Brunon Rendu Ix yden and Blagden have observed gangrene
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zero s laboratory by Morpurgo and by Penzo indicate that local hyperaemia
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America had seventy crematoriums in 1918 and that 13.226
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has been shown in any recorded epidemic of acute polio
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this event an eud to end union is best. But the mortality
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tion be accepted there would be no difficulty in adopting Klebs s hypothesis
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while an individual in fever produces more than he would in health under
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presidency of Dr. D. Morley Mathieson chairman of the
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from the general framework and bent in the direction of the blood current.
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cation both of muscle and hyaline connective tissue b hyaline and necrotic
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the syringe is to be used three times a day and once in
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increment of newly qualified practitioners during the
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after enucleation by means of a finger inserted behind the
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of heat loss and of the regulating mechanism in fever.
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ment of doctors were asked and consented to approve of
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times.. I should suggest therefore that the man return to
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an intense hemorrhagic infarction which begins about five or six hours
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was thrombosis of both innominate veins possibly also of superior vena cava
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For valuable services in attending to the sick and wounded in the
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fection among the native workers in the Band mines
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purely fibrinous and leucocytic thrombi just described. The presence of hya
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with free finger movements is in a better condition to
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primarily for that class of student in India and Ceylon whose



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