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establish firmly the doctrine of the embolic origin of metastatic tumours.
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activities of Local Education Authorities in this direction.
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tion received from serving medical officer.s by the Ministry
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pared to accept. But to call the affair as a whole a
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recognized as the official body representing those membern
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is based directly or indirectly upou your financial position full
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similar haemocytozoa in lower animals. Danilewsky suggests forming a
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Plato and Aristotle sanctioned and even recommended
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and there is no difficulty in licking it up microscopically. In
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wlio attended on the previous occasion was unable to be
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being merely something added to the necrosis. This was not always clearly
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apex loud murmur filling entire period before systole at apex diastolic
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take over powers and duties which would include the Food and
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been present in the past are that scarcely any of the
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complex bookkeeping and to ensure easy reference to previous
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glaucoma in oue tenth. In cases of glaucoma trephining
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trade union would not put doctors iu possession of the
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of the members is Sir Alfred W. Watson chief actuary to
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general but also as to those seen in any particular set of
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up iu ycotland to look after the interests of the profession as
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